Green Ammonia

We pioneered the innovative IAMM design with a low capital cost, high efficiency, low maintenance, and compact footprint.


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Inside Look at The IAMM

AmmPower’s carbon-free, green ammonia synthesis technology was designed in-house to provide pure anhydrous ammonia suitable for agricultural fertilizers and industrial applications. Place an IAMM on-site and create ammonia locally using only water, air, and electricity.

Alkaline Electrolyzer:

Electrolysis is the process of dissociating water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. If the electricity is green, the hydrogen is green!

Water Purifier:

In order to produce high-purity hydrogen, the input water must be de-ionized and purified. This process is included in the IAMM system so we can make high-purity ammonia from standard water sources.

Nitrogen Separator:

The IAMM automatically isolates nitrogen from the air with an integrated Pressure-Swing-Adsorption (PSA) unit.

Ammonia Converter:

Green ammonia is produced via the Haber-Bosch Process and AmmPower’s proprietary reactor technology. The result is 99.9% pure NH3, ready for storage or direct application.


Green ammonia shifts the cost driver from natural gas to renewable electricity, making ammonia prices predictable and profitable.


Bringing ammonia production on-site shortens the supply chain, reducing or eliminating ammonia transportation costs and logistical issues.

Technology Validation


Novel reactor technology optimized by AmmPower’s engineers and consulting team with 200+ years in ammonia industry.

Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer:
82% Nitrogen

The IAMM consistently produces 4mtpd of NH₃ all year-round. By the time of application, you could have nearly 1,500 tons of high-purity anhydrous ammonia ready for direct use. 

  • Highest nitrogen content of all ammonia fertilizers [82-00-00].
  • Avoid seasonal fertilizer availability with ammonia on-demand.
  • Fertilize over 10,000 acres/year with one IAMM unit.

Decarbonize Industrial Ammonia:
100% CO2-free

The IAMM unit produces high-purity ammonia, applicable for many industrial uses, such as:

  • Textiles
  • Refrigeration
  • Mining
  • deNOx
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductors*

* AmmPower can supply an additional purification step to meet the 99.999% NH₃ purity required for semiconductor manufacturing.



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