IAMM On-Site Ammonia Production

The Independent Ammonia Making Machine™ (IAMM™) is a self-contained green ammonia production unit, providing pure anhydrous ammonia year-round for direct fertilizer application. Ideal for high-nitrogen requiring crops, anhydrous ammonia is 82% nitrogen by weight [82-00-00].

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Decentralized Ammonia Manufacturing

Shortening the supply chain by bringing ammonia production on-site and closer to you, the farmer or retailer, creates stability and reduces logistical and transportation issues and creates independence from the market price of ammonia.

Carbon-Free Production Process

The IAMM unit produces “green” ammonia, meaning the production process is completely carbon-free, the production price is independent from the cost of natural gas and other fossil fuels, and there are little-to-no emissions associated with anhydrous ammonia transportation.

Consistent Production, Predictable Profits

Small-scale, independent green ammonia production units will be more economically viable in the short and the long term, providing predictable profits, a reasonable return on investment, and opportunities to utilize carbon credit incentives further bringing down costs.

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Inside Look at The IAMM™

AmmPower’s carbon-free, green ammonia synthesis technology was designed in-house to provide pure anhydrous ammonia suitable for fertilizer or as an energy source using only water, air, and electricity. This is how we did it.

Alkaline Electrolyzer:

Electrolysis is the process of dissociating water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity. If the electricity is green, the hydrogen is green!

Water Purifier:

In order to produce high-purity hydrogen, the input water must be de-ionized and purified. This process is included in the IAMM system so we can make high-purity ammonia from standard water sources.

Nitrogen Separator:

The IAMM automatically isolates nitrogen from the air with an integrated Pressure-Swing-Adsorption (PSA) unit.

Ammonia Synthesizer:

Green ammonia is produced via the Haber-Bosch Process and AmmPower’s proprietary reactor technology. The result is 99.9% pure NH3, ready for storage or direct application.

Clean, Green Ammonia Machine

AmmPower’s Independent Ammonia Making Machine™ provides you anhydrous ammonia at your convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Ammonia?

NH3 is a colorless gas, yet you may have hear of “Grey”,”Green”, or “Blue” Ammonia.

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Gray Ammonia

  • Uses methane (CH4), a fossil fuel, to acquire hydrogen through Steam Reforming.
  • Generates CO2 emissions.
  • Electricity comes from Fossil Fuels.
blue ammonia

Blue Ammonia

  • Uses methane (CH4), a fossil fuel, to acquire hydrogen through Steam Reforming.
  • Capture and sequesters or utilizes CO2 emissions.
  • Electricity comes from Fossil Fuels.
green ammonia

Green Ammonia

  • Uses water (H2O), to acquire hydrogen through electrolysis.
  • Generates no carbon-related emissions.
  • Electricity comes from Renewable Energy.

What is Green Hydrogen/What is an Electrolyzer?

Green ammonia uses green hydrogen for feedstock and green energy for power.

For hydrogen to be green, it must be made without using fossil fuels or producing carbon-containing greenhouse gasses. The most common method of obtaining clean hydrogen is through the electrolysis of water (H2O) which, simply put, is to send an electric current through water, thereby ‘electrolyzing’ it, to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. An “electrolyzer” is a device that accomplishes this task on an industrial scale.

What is the Haber-Bosch Process?

The Haber-Bosch process, invented at the start of the 20th century, is an artificial way of fixing nitrogen into a form readily available for uptake by plants when injected directly into cropland soils. The process enables the quick manufacture of ammonia directly from hydrogen and nitrogen.

Can the IAMM handle renewable energy intermittency?

The ammonia synthesis loop is flexible, designed for integration with an intermittent renewable electricity source.

  • Wide operating load range: 30 – 100%
  • High ramp rates: 10%/min, 10X higher than industry standards
  • Minimized or no hydrogen storage

Can the IAMM units be shipped overseas?

Yes! AmmPower will also assist with installation, training, testing, and commissioning of the unit on-site.

Please note that additional costs may be incurred for overseas transport.

What items make up the annual operational costs?

Electricity, maintenance, insurance, operational labor.

How can I get an official quote on the IAMM unit from AmmPower?

Submit an IAMM application form and the AmmPower Team will contact you to discuss your use-case in order to provide you with an accurate and customized quote.

I have hydrogen, can I buy the IAMM without an electrolyzer?

Yes! Please specify the details in your IAMM application and the AmmPower Team will contact you to discuss your use-case in order to provide an accurate and customized quote.