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Ammonia Production

AmmPower Corp. begins ammonia production

By May 10, 2022June 14th, 2022No Comments

Published by Nicholas Woodroof, Deputy Editor
World Fertilizer, Thursday, 04 November 2021 11:30


AmmPower Corp. has announced the production of the first laboratory quantities of ammonia at its recently opened, flagship Manufacturing & Development Facility in southeast Michigan, US.

This event, being the first significant technical achievement to occur at the new facility, signals the launch of AmmPower’s ammonia catalyst and process development programmes that are to follow.

Rene Bharti, President, stated: “Today represents a huge step forward in the advancement of AmmPower into the renewable energy world. This first step is crucial towards the end goal of production of a unique, scalable and economic green ammonia solution for our customers in the agricultural and maritime world. Furthermore, this breakthrough allows the work being done on ‘cracking’ of ammonia lead by Dr Zhenyu Zhang to move forward at an escalated pace.”

AmmPower, with its core team of engineers and scientists, has initiated the process of development and validation of new catalyst technologies and production processes for synthesising ammonia as well as breaking new ground in the field of decomposition or “cracking” of ammonia to release hydrogen. This work supports AmmPower’s objective to supply green ammonia-producing units for agricultural applications and major green ammonia production facilities to the maritime industry. In addition, AmmPower’s ammonia “cracking” technology will allow hydrogen to be more easily transported as ammonia and then released at the point of use.

Gary Benninger, CEO of AmmPower stated: “We are very pleased that our scientists and engineers have been able to physically launch our ammonia research program so soon after moving into the Facility. This event is significant since it demonstrates that our newly created team has the capability and the ability to move quickly to create a strong footprint in the green ammonia, clean energy space.”

AmmPower is a resource exploration company with an increasing focus on clean energy. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada, and owns the Whabouchi South lithium exploration property located in the James Bay/Eeyou Istche region of Quebec and holds an option over the Titan Property located in the Klotz Lake area in Northwestern Ontario. In addition, together with its partner, ORF Technologies Inc., based in Toronto, Canada, the company is working on the development of a proprietary solution to produce green ammonia and green hydrogen, and is also investigating catalyst methods to react nitrogen and hydrogen together with the aim of creating 100% clean, and cost effective green, turquoise, and blue ammonia.

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