Independent Ammonia Making Machine

The development of IAMM units leverages the proven Haber-Bosch process, successful sub-scale demonstration, AmmPower’s patented reactor technology, and experienced manufacturing know-how. The unit combines hydrogen from water and nitrogen from the air to synthesize green ammonia (NH₃). Unitized, modular, and scalable, the IAMM unit now makes small-scale green ammonia production possible. One IAMM unit can create up to 4 metric tons of high-purity anhydrous ammonia per day. Perfect for farms, co-ops, and industrial applications.

The IAMM™ Unit

The Independent Ammonia Making Machine™ creates high-purity anhydrous ammonia from only water and air.

  • Use green energy to make the ammonia “green”
  • Reliably produce 4mt of ammonia per day
  • Stack multiple units to scale up production
  • Create green ammonia on-site and save on transportation & logistics costs


Compared to conventional ammonia production, the IAMM™ units’ process is inherently safe, easy to operate, and low in maintenance requirements. Here are some technical details for our base system package – the IAMM™ Complete.

Green Energy Supply:

9.5 MWh/ton NH₃

Water Supply:

5.6 gal/min

Production Rate:

4.4 tons NH₃/day

Max Footprint:

5000 sqft.

Pricing & Delivery

The IAMM™ units have transparent and fixed price labels, and the specific capital cost is comparable to large-scale green ammonia projects. Using renewable electricity as the IAMM™ unit input in the U.S. can benefit from production tax credits (PTCs) up to $510/ton NH₃.

Unit Cost:

Under $5M

Operational Cost:



31% earnings pre-tax

About AmmPower

AmmPower is a clean energy company active in all facets of green ammonia production, including the production of green fertilizers, carbon free shipping fuel, and the ‘cracking’, or moving, of green hydrogen as ammonia.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with a manufacturing facility outside of Detroit, Michigan, AmmPower is poised to bring clean energy to the world through green ammonia.