Independent Ammonia Making Machine

AmmPower is developing innovative, proprietary technology to efficiently produce green ammonia (NH₃) and green hydrogen (H₂) for alternative, carbon-free fuel and fertilizer.

AmmPower's IAMM™

Idealized for the agricultural industry, the IAMM™ is an independent unit that creates high-purity anhydrous ammonia fertilizer from water, air, and electricity.

  • Reliable & Consistent Production
  • Stable & Predictable Profits
  • Mobile, Modular & Scalable Units
  • On-Site Ammonia Manufacturing
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With only two inputs, power and water, you can create and control your own supply of anhydrous ammonia. Here are some technical details for our base system package – the IAMM™ Complete.

Input Power:

9.07 MWh/ton NH₃

Input Water

130 gal/hr

Output NH₃:

4.4 Tons NH₃/day

Unit Size:

6-7, 40ft. shipping containers

Pricing & Delivery

Economically produce ammonia fertilizer, become independent from the volatile market prices, and avoid seasonal fertilizer availability and transportation issues with IAMM™.

Unit Cost:


Annual Operational Cost:



31% earnings pre-tax

Unit Delivery:

Q1 2023

About AmmPower

AmmPower is a clean energy company active in all facets of green ammonia production, including the production of green fertilizers, carbon free shipping fuel, and the ‘cracking’, or moving, of green hydrogen as ammonia.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with a manufacturing facility outside of Detroit, Michigan, AmmPower is poised to bring clean energy to the world through green ammonia.